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Approx 1570 Thomas Dekker the dramatist--there are records of several contemporaries with this name--was born in London, but no details of his family relations or of his education are known

1598 The first record of his work is a payment to him as a member of Henslowe`s group of dramatists.

1598 In spite of his prolific literary output, Dekker lived a life of hardship as a result of debt. He borrowed money of Henslowe to secure his release from prison,

1608 From early in the seventeenth century, however, he devoted most of his time to the composition of prose pamphlets, which are among the best records of London life in his day. The most important are The Bellman of London

1609 and The Gull`s Hornbook.

Approx 1632 He may have been the Thomas Dekker who was buried in 1632; he was certainly dead by 1640 or 1641.

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